E-SPA is a strategic business partnership reflecting the common mission of both companies to support U.S. national security’s most challenging and complex technical and operational requirements.  E-SPA relies on our business relationships to help identify teammates to achieve that mission. E-SPA works with other companies to bring clients and opportunities to the DTIC IAC MAC while ensuring that the company that brought the opportunity retains the majority of workshare. If interested, please contact us below and we will look forward to further discussing synergies and future opportunities.

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    • Defense Systems

      • Weapons Systems
      • Autonomous Systems
      • Survivability & Vulnerability
      • RMQSI
      • Advanced Materials
      • Military Sensing
      • Energetics
      • Directed Energy
      • Non-Lethal Weapons & Information Operations
      • C4ISR
    • Cyber Security & Information Systems

      • Cyber Security
      • Software & Data Analysis
      • Modeling & Simulation
      • Knowledge Management & Information Sharing
    • Homeland Defense & Security

      • Homeland Security & Defense
      • Critical Infrastructure Protection
      • Weapons of Mass Destruction
      • Biometrics
      • Medical
      • Cultural Studies
      • Alternative Energy
      • CBRN Non-Laboratory